Editable Pivot Table configuration lost upon refresh

Hi. I love the pivot table. It helps mitigate custom reports, especially when made editable, giving the user the ability to slice the data different ways. But the configuration of an editable pivot table is lost upon refresh. Specifically, the renderer and aggregation.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Sampler project and navigate to Editable PivotTable.
  2. Change renderer to Table Barchart and Aggregation to Maximum - Total Bill.
  3. Open another tab in project (e.g. Simple PivotTable).
  4. Go back to Editable PivotTable tab.

Expected Result:
Settings are the same: renderer=Table Barchart and aggregation=Maximum - Total Bill.

Actual Result:
Settings have changed: renderer=Table and aggregation=Count.

This is unfortunate since I expect users to flip back and forth between tabs, performing analysis in the pivot table. Significant work done in the pivot table will be lost. Even worse, the user may not realize the settings have changed and misinterpret the results.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround? Thanks.

Thank you for reporting the problem. I’ve created a GitHub issue.