Edit with IDE from remote connection to Cuba Studio?

Hi, Is it possible to link to locally running IDE when using Cuba Studio from remote connection?
I would like to be able to edit code on remote server using local Eclipse…


Hi Matthis,

Could you explain what do you want to achieve by running Studio on a remote host?

Hi Konstantin,
Very good question indeed… which got me to realize that what I was asking was not really what I needed.

What I originally wanted to achieve was to be able to work on my cuba project from any computer, just by accessing the server. So I installed cuba on my remote server, but then needed to edit files using Eclipse.

I guess I need to setup Eclipse Che? or other remote ide solution, but as it looked like a lot of setup work I thought using local eclipse could be an alternative.

Apparently Studio and IDE should have access to the same directory with the project source code. We have plans to make an integration with Eclipse Che, but for now you should use a local IDE and run Studio locally.

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