Edit Screen with about 35 fields is very slow

I am using V7.2.7 of the Platform and
I have a performance problem with Edit Screens with more than a few fields (36 in my example). These 36 fields all correspond to _local attributes (there are also associated attributes in the Entity but they are not used in the Form as I try to get to the bottom of this; the SQL statements that I see executing are minimal).
The problem:
With the (separate) Browse and Edit Screens generated by CUBA Studio, when I click to go to the Edit Screen and depending on the number of fields, the times I get (using the ?debug info) are:

  • 1 field: 250ms
  • 20 fields: 1050ms
  • 30 fields: 1600ms
  • 36 fields: 1800ms

This renders the edit functionality virtually unusable.

With the combined Master-Detail Screen (which is the one I want to end-up using) the times are even worse:

  • 2500ms for displaying 50 rows with 36 fields
  • Selection (showing the selected record at the right hand side, Detail Screen) takes between 500ms and 1000ms
  • 3000ms to open the Detail Screen for editing the selected record. Even cancelling the Edit takes another 3000ms

How is this possible and what can I do to fix it? Ideally sub-second response times should be achieved.

Thank you,

Thank you for reporting the problem. We have created a GitHub issue.

thank you for looking into this. I see that the relevant issue is closed as fixed. Should I expect to see it and try it for our application in the 7.2.8 Release of the CUBA Platform? Any idea when this would be available?


7.2.8 released will be released soon, before the end of September.

Thank you for your quick reaction on this (@firstova, @andrey.subbotin.smr).
Really appreciate it.