Edit / read only screen


How whould you structure viewing/editing entities?

-single screen with fields made editable only after you press a button

-different screens

-one screen with 2 tabs for viewing and editing

-special frame that you import inside the screen

what is the best practice way

thank you


can you please clarify the question? What do you mean by “structure” here?

I actually mean “design” the screens for the best user experience.

In our projects we don’t usually create separate screens just for viewing an entity.

Take a look at this topic, it seems that there is a similar question there with some solutions: https://www.cuba-platform.com/discuss/t/support-for-browse-showdetail-edit-ui-page-pattern

Is the link broken?=(

Hi, read-only mode for editors will be supported in upcoming release 7.2:

Here is the current link to the topic Max mentioned: