Eclipse Jetty Update

I need some help with the Eclipse Jetty, for my app i need to update the jetty to be update to 9.4 or up, but i don’t know how to do it.
Is there a way to do it automatically or manually?

You can use “WAR deployment to Jetty” deployment method: WAR deployment to Jetty - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

It even mentions Jetty 9.4.x which suits your requirements.

Jetty is an independent application server, it can be downloaded from the Internet or installed via package manager on Linux.

Hi @albudarov ,

the current Jetty version has 9.4.32 several vulnerabilities. Is it possible to integrate a newer version like 9.4.39 into the buildUberJar task?



Why not :slight_smile:

The issue.

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Thx @gorbunkov

Hello @gorbunkov ,

when can we expect the update?


Our current plan is to publish a new CUBA release in the middle of November

Hi ! Is there any way to force update the Jetty version when deploying to uberjar ?