Dynamic Changing of logo image in menu bar


Iam searching for the dynamic change of logo and background images for the login screen and menu bar, so that I can update them directly from file explorer.

I am not able to find any relevant info on this to proceed. Is there any possible way to acheive this in cuba?

I attached the screenshots for the same.



Hello @tejasreesatti

You can create a theme extension and replace a theme_name/branding/app-icon-menu.png file with your icon for Main menu.

Images for the login screen you can find in web\VAADIN\brand-login-screen folder.


Hi @durygin

I don’t want to give the static directory. I want the images to get updated from file explorer in my system.
Is there a possibility to do so?


You can inject an image component in MainScreen and LoginScreen, and then add a fileUploadField to upload new images.

Component id Screen Image
logoImage MainScreen app-icon-menu.png
logoImage AppLoginScreen cuba-icon-login.svg
backgroundImage AppLoginScreen background.svg