Dynamic attributes problems

  1. I’m getting the following error in the entity edit form after selecting a dynamic category with enumeration type attribute.
    IllegalStateException: Unable to change custom flag for bound FieldConfig

  2. How do I remove the time component in date type attribute

3 Dynamic attribute UI display field width is very small. How do I set the field width.

  1. How to make sure the dynamic field-label pair aligns well with the rest of the entity fields

I haved figured out issue 3 above.


  1. Could you bring more details? Which version of the platform do you use? Could you share XML descriptor of the screen?
    Do you programmatically set “custom” property to some field in the fieldGroup?

  2. There is no simple way to customize UI components for Dynamic attributes.

  3. Dynamic attributes have the “Width” setting on the General tab. It affects the field size.

  4. Unfortunately, the platform does not provide lots of settings for dynamic attributes. Offcourse you can tune the fields in UI programmatically, but it is better to use “ordinary” attribs at the development stage.
    Dynamic attributes are designed to define new entity properties when no other alternatives left (at deployment or production stage).