Dynamic Attributes : Illegal state exception in 1 to many relation


I was checking the dynamic attributes feature. I am testing a very simple case of adding dynamic attributes to an entity that is one to many relationship.

Customer has one to many CostEvaluation class. I added a dynamic attribute adminOH of type double and visibility is set to both the browser and editor screens of CostEvaluations class.

Customer has a view where costevaluations is selected with minimal view. So the customer screen has a grid for cost evaluations.

On the customer screen, when I create a cost evaluation object through the grid by clicking the create button, the dynamic attribute shows up and is also well saved.

When I edit the same row I get an IllegalStateException : Dynamic attributes must be loaded explicitly.

If I edit the object directly from the cost evaluations browser, I do not have the problem.

What am I missing ?.


Issue is resolved by checking the Load Dynamic Attributes in the edit screen of customer.
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