Dynamic Attribute Binding do not work

demo and excel.zip (476.7 KB)
When I import entity(Test) attribute name , dynamic attribute testtest(Integer) it does not work.
Demo and excel are in package I upload .


the example that you shared misses the following information:

  • dynamic attributes configuration
  • import configuration

Can you please add that to the example? (as HSQL SQL insert statements or as entity inspector JSON exports)

In general dynamic attributes should work. There is also an integration test that shows this behavior (https://github.com/mariodavid/cuba-component-data-import/blob/master/modules/core/test/de/diedavids/cuba/dataimport/integration/DynamicAttributeIntegrationTest.groovy). But there might be a problem when using it through the wizard e.g.

So in order to get a complete picture I need the above mentioned configuration together with a more detailed information on what exactly “it does not work” means in your case.


I’m glad to receive your reply. Import is a wonderful add-on. It saves me a lot of time.
It was my fault that I lost the test data . So I re-uploaded the full test project and data as well as the video I recorded.
test.zip (3.5 MB)