Dutch translation files - version 6.3

Hi, today I spent a couple of hours creating a Dutch translation for the CUBA platform. I am glad to share it and to say thank you for providing such an excellent platform.

It all seems to work but there are still some buttons here and there that appear in English - not sure why. Maybe you want to verify the files to be correct / complete?

nl.zip (66.0K)

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Thank you very much for your kind words and for sharing the translation!

It’s on GitHub now. I’ve only added @include=com.haulmont.cuba.gui to the main message packs of web and desktop modules, otherwise some common messages were not translated in UI.

Hi Konstantin,

You mean there are missing translations? I am surprised as I went to all of the messages in the Excel file (used the mp2xls tool). But I also saw that some buttons still mentioned ‘Create’ rather than ‘Aanmaken’ (nl) in some of the core screens. I was a bit surprised to see that. Did I miss something here?

BTW, thanks for mentioning me in the comments on GitHub but perhaps you would like to change the name into ‘Berend Tel’ (full name) rather than the username.

When I added these includes, everything went well in my test project - of course taking into account that I don’t understand Dutch :slight_smile:

Could you check out my modifications and confirm if they work or not: https://github.com/cuba-platform/translations/blob/master/content/nl/6_3/cuba/modules/web/src/com/haulmont/cuba/web/messages_nl.properties#L2

And of course we prefer your real name, thank you!

Hello Konstantin, I would like to contribute with the respective translation into Spanish (Colombia) or leave it completely neutral, could you indicate what I should do?

Hi Konstantin,

When I used the version with your modification I got it working 100%. Great! Maybe the mp2xls tool is missing out on this one?

Anyway, thanks for your assistance!

Hi Nelson,

Good to hear that!

Actually, we already have Spanish translation by Mario Alberto Medina Rojas. Would you like to create a separate variant or maybe just fix something?

I’m not sure mp2xls works with includes correctly - we’ll check it.

But as it is activated, because I always get in English the whole interface.

Could you start a separate topic to discuss it?

Sure thanks.