Drag n Drop add-on

I am trying to use the Drag-n-Drop add-on but facing a problem. After I have downloaded and compiled as app component, i have created an application where i tried to add this app Component but getting the following error.


the prompt in component’s group: name: version is populated incorrectly that triggers error. When I have updated the version i.e.


It also can not recognize.

Noticed that the version number of the add-on is like this (
If I change the version number to 1.2 and try after compile it does not work either.


The correct version is 1.2.0. Check the releases page: Releases · cuba-platform/cuba-dnd · GitHub

1.2 - is just release line that is compatible with the platform 6.8.

Thanks Yuriy, it’s now much better. The application is running but drag-n-drop is not working. Here is my sample app.dragndroptest.zip (91.9 KB)
Thanks for your help.


It seems that DropHandler in your dashboard do nothing in the drop() method. Try to replace code that handles drop event from your custom drop() method. Also look at the createDashboardElement() it should return created component instead of the input.
Note. By default dnd layouts already has default drop handlers. And there is no need to handle it by yourself if you don’t want to do your custom logic.

Hi @Pinyazhin
Thanks. It worked when I have removed the codes from controller.
However, in order to use it in my project, i have some questions, thanks in advance for your help with some codes example or use the test project that i have send you to update so that the sample app can be a reference to other community members.

Business scenario and technical:

  1. Instead of static buttons, bring here entities from an Entity e.g. display sales lead from SalesLead Entity which will be used to drag-n-drop
  2. Drag-n-drop is used to the number of Sales lead and it’s status. Each Sales lead has it’s unique status (New, Prospect, Opportunity, Working etc.) These sales lead status are changed when a lead is dragged and dropped.
  3. By double clicking the Sales lead, it opens up the editor.

Will this work with this add-on? I have attached the updated version of test app. If you can add additional pieces that will help really appreciated.
dragndroptest.zip (98.1 KB)