Drag and drop db fields to ui

I am Cuba-platform newbie. I would like to avoid the auto creation of ui from model because it is group fields based and I need to do a complex layout with grids and other things.

But the table I am buliding an interface on has 50 fields and I would like to see them on left of the screen and drag and drop them where I like in my layout.
Is it possible with cuba platform?

Hi Mario,

That’s definitely a good idea and we have considered it already. We’ll try to implement such approach in the next major feature version of Studio.

Right now the automatic layout places fields in the order of their appearance in the entity class (which you can control BTW).

I would like to know if this feature is implemented because I had to use Radzen for my use case.

This feature isn’t implemented yet. See ticket in the issue tracker: https://youtrack.cuba-platform.com/issue/STUDIO-7704