Doubts about how to show the pivote table at Cuba application?

Hi, how do you do?

I’ve been trying to work with pivot tables, and I’ve create a new xml file with their Java class, as the documentation says, but I can’t show it at the Pivote Tables sections application.

This is my xmlx.

This is my Java class

But in the application I can’t see the pivot Table.

Can someone help me? or give me some suggestions?


the Screen in the last screenshot is designed for reports that should be generated to PivotTable and you will not find your screen here.

For the XML descriptor you provided you should have a controller that extends Screen instead of ScreenFragment class. And web-menu.xml should contain your screen.

<menu id="application-myapp" insertBefore="administration">
    <item screen="intitled8_PivoteTablePrueba"/>

If you want to use ScreenFragment the root element of your XML descriptor should be fragment:

<fragment xmlns="">

To use fragment you should add it to the Screen, for instance:

    <fragment screen="intitled8_PivoteTablePrueba"/>