Donation option for CUBA

I would like to ask if there were any ideas on additional donation models for CUBA platform.
I mean, that as for now if one wants to support the platform’s development he could only purchase a licence. Now the minimal price of such support is $139.
But what if there are people who would like just to say “thanks” in terms of 10, 20 bucks donations? Without any obligations, license terms, time restrictions. Still there could be some bonuses for backers if you decide.
You make great work, and I am sure there are people who will pleasantly use this kind of appreciation.
Best regards,

Hi Igor,
We are happy to see that what we do benefits many developers relying on purely open source technologies & tools. By releasing CLI and new free components on the marketplace, we hope to give them even more value.

In my opinion, donations are a great way of supporting purely non-commercial, open source projects backed by enthusiasts. We have a sustainable commercial model by offering Studio licenses and services, so asking for donations does not seem appropriate.

For us, a great way of “thank you” would be helping us grow the community: replies on the forum, contributions to addons, trying release candidates as well as just spreading word about CUBA Platform out there via posts or articles.

Many thanks for the appreciation of our work!