Does cuba studio run on linux ?

Im new in cuba but i want to know, is it possible to run cuba studio on Linux and if the answer is yes how this can happened?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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i’m running studio on ubuntu 14.04 as well as mac osx. Just download studio and extract it. In the subfolder “bin” you’ll find “studio” binary (for unix based os) or “studio.bat” for windows from the command line.



Thank you for the quick answer.
I test it, and it works perfect. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


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I have installed gradle 1.12 using terminal in ubuntu. Even though its downloading the gradle from cuba studio and i am getting this error when starting cuba studio. How to start the studio in ubuntu.

Quick reply bro.

Screenshot from 2017-01-19 09:29:45

I have got same error under Debian 8, java version “9-ea”

Do you use proxy or limited internet connection?

Also, please note that CUBA Studio now requires Gradle 2.13+.

No proxy or limited internet.
I downloaded Gradle 3.3 from, then I unziped it and add environment variable.

$ gradle -v

Gradle 3.3

But, when I start CUBA Studio 6.4.0 it downloads Gradle 3.1 to ~/.gradle and then I get same error “Could not execute build using Gradle distribution …”

Also I red that Debian have problem with JavaFX

What Java version do you use? OpenJDK or Oracle JDK?

I use Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) 9

At the moment we do not support JDK 9 since it is not yet released by Oracle and has Beta status. Currently, CUBA supports only JDK 8.

Yes, it starts well on Oracle JDK 8.
Thanks a lot, Yuriy!