Does any one recommend me hosing company to host cuba platform

Hi All
I developed cuba application with simple single table and single screen to test deployment process.
I am using to host the war file, however, i came across few issues hosting cuba apps. The first one is, they dont provide root access to database, and cuba application cant create database, so i used amazon web service to connect to database, second i deployed war file as stated on cuba documentation, using war and also copying tomcat folder of cuba from by local to hosting provider., etc. But still i am having few issues hosting cuba apps.

I am wondering if any one host cuba platform to hosting company and if you recommend me the company name, i greatly appreciate.

Thank you

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Thank you for the good question.

First, about the root privileges to the database. The only moment when you need the superuser privileges is when you first initialize a PostgreSQL database and our script executes create extension “uuid-ossp”.
Actually, this “uuid-ossp” functionality is unimportant, and we have already replaced it in the next version of the platform (6.1). So there will be no requirements for the superuser privileges anymore.

Regarding other issues with deployment. We have an experience of deploying CUBA apps to CloudFoundry (Pivotal and Bluemix) and to RedHat OpenShift platforms. See for example this article. So we can help you if you provide some details of your problem.

To simplify cloud deployment, we have introduced a tight integration with Jelastic PaaS in the next version of Studio (2.1). You will be able to deploy just in one click, all cloud infrastructure (including PostgreSQL database) will be created automatically by Studio.

That’s really great news. Thanks for sharing.