Docker Can not run app in cloud

Hi community,

I did this tutorial:

and I can open this application with the link

but, when I push this dockerfile into my cloud, and start this app…I get this in my browser:

Problem accessing /. Reason:

** Not Found**
Powered by Jetty://

As already written, it works when I do it local and open the localhost, but it dont work, if I push this dockerimage in cloud.

Does anybody have an hint, how to solve it?


EDIT: it works, when I start the app… I have to click on the link of my cloud like aaaabbbbcccc…if I click only on this, nothing happens, if I click aaaabbbbcccc/app it will be opened…

is there a way, to open it, without put the “app” in the end of this link!?

Add -contextName / (with space and slash) to the command in your Dockerfile.

To ensure that it works, try locally

java -jar app.jar -contextName /


I works now, thanks a lot!