Displaying Table containing Book Entity belonging to an Author Entity of another Table on Selection

I would like to display list of Books (Table) belonging to an Author.

I have 2 Entities. For Example:

Author : Name, Book (Association)

Books : Title, Author (Association)

I am using Two Frames:

Frame 1 : Authors (Collection Datasource) in a Table with a Button (Show)

Frame 2 : Books (Collection Datasource) in a Table by selecting an Author in Frame 1 and clicking the Show Button

On selecting a row (Author) and clicking on a Button, a new window should open and display list of books belonging to the selected row (Author)

Your help with be appreciated.

Found the fix.


Yeah, sorry about that. I was a bit too keen to help there!

I don’t think I read your question properly!

No Problem

Thanks :wink: