Displaying associated attributes of one table from another table's selection

I have two entities, scorecardTemplate and KPI. ScorecardTemplate has attributes description and KPI(which is a many-to-many relation with the KPI) so when i create the browser screen for scorecardTemplate it only shows the description. So i added a KPItable (on the right) that when i select a description its suppose to diplay all the associated KPIs of that description.

Please help me on how to achieve this


first, you have to create a view for the scorecardTemplate entity that includes the KPI parameter. Then, create a browser screen for the scorecardTemplate entity with this view. After that, on the Datasources tab in Studio create a nested collection datasource of the scorecardTemplate entity datasource. Add this nested datasource to the KPI table.

Open the demo project and take a look at the OneEntity browser.
demo.zip (85.8 KB)

I will try just that.

Thank you