displaying 2nd field of a foreign key inside a table

Say I have e entities, 1) Order 2) OrderDetail 3) Product

The Product is a foreign key in OrderDetail table and created a masterDetail UI. I am editing the Products and it’s quantities sold inline the table. Product entity has name, category and price fields. When I select a Product inside the OrderDetail table, name is displayed based on instance Name of the entity that I have set. I also need Category field in a separate column in OrderDetail table based on the product selected. Is it possible in CUBA?

You can show attributes of referenced entities by specifying them after dot, something like this:

    <column id="product"/>
    <column id="product.category"/>
    <column id="product.price"/>

This is mentioned here: https://doc.cuba-platform.com/manual-6.0/gui_Table.html. See description of column.id attribute.

Great. It worked