Display old values in EntityLog feature


this is a general question about the great EntityLog feature. Oftentimes I would be interested in seeing the old values alongside to the new values of a change, so that i can determine “what” has changed a little better.

I’m just curious if this is something that is very hard to do (or not at all), or could be done by myself etc.

I know that the old value can be extracted by getting the information about the last changes of an entity instance, but this is pretty hard to find sometimes…

Just an idea - perhaps you have already thought about that as well.


Hi Mario,

This should be quite easy to implement since we switched to EclipseLink ORM. It enables getting old values of changed attributes, see PersistenceTools#getOldValue.

So we’ll do it for one of the future releases, see the linked issue.

Hi Konstantin,

this sounds superb. I didn’t really expected that this would be a no-brainer, which is great. Looking forward to it!


Hi, regarding this question from Mario…is it possible to get the old value in the EntityLog ? Or is it still an under development feature ?



I’m sorry I didn’t see the link to the youtrack website and I’m very happy to see that it will . Is there an estimated date for 6.7 release ?

Thanks !


:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: