Display all fields in a view in one browse screen

I have two entities, one is header and another is detail. The relationship is composition. I created a view for header which includes the fields of detail. The default browse screen only shows header entity fields.I want to show the fileds of detail in header browse screen. How can I do? Thank you.

There are two ways to display all the fields in the table. First, after the view has been created, select it in the tree, right click on it and select Create Generic UI screen. This view will be used in the table datasource by default.

Another way is to set the view for the datasource in the already created screen. Open the screen editor, go the Datasource tab, select the datasource and set the necessary view in the view field.

After that go to the screen designer, select the table in the tree and open the component properties tab. Here find the columns property and click edit. Now you can add the necessary properties to the table.


Thank you very much.