Discourse plugin for displaying related issue(s)

If some ready-made plugin doesn’t exist yet, consider implementing a small plugin to attach one or more issues to threads, like in the old forum.

If you mean links to YouTrack issues, we have decided to use normal links in comments for a while. At least it allows us to have multiple links in one topic.

Yeah, that’s why I proposed a plugin, to better visualize multiple linked issues, maybe in a box at the end or floating on one side.

Links for reference:
Plugins meta repo (lists a lot of Discourse plugins)
Beginner’s Guide to Creating Discourse Plugins - Part 1

We will see if someone wants to pick up this effort (maybe someone with Ruby background).


Hi, @paolo.furini
Thank you for the information! We planned to add some improvements to the new forum later. Concerning the topic subject, all links, including YouTrack issues, are stored at the top hidden by default, perhaps it is what you need:
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Admittedly, I missed that hidden box… :smile:

thx, P.

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