Disable password default

I want set War deploy to disable user and password default. I set so is correct ?


after confirm, if I come back into setting war window, two lines about loginDialogDefaultPassword and loginDialogDefaultUser, are missing


The way you set the App properties is not correct. That is why the value was overwritten.
Map in Groovy can be defined like this:

['cuba.automaticDatabaseUpdate' : true,
 'cuba.web.loginDialogDefaultUser ' : '<disabled>',
 'cuba.web.loginDialogDefaultPassword' : '<disabkled>']

Please note, that value should be <disabled>, not <disable>

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Follow local.app.properties

Login window keep username e password. what am I doing wrong ?


The application properties seem to be correct.

Please provide more details. What type of deployment, where is that local.app.properties file located?

Single War

This could also be a browser, that fills the login form.
Did you try to clean browser cache?

I was also thinking about this but I have already tried. I also tried to use another browser that I never use and does the same

Could you provide us some test project, where the issue can be reproduced?
Project sources and tomcat with deployed application.



Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the issue. Starting the Tomcat you attached, I have the empty login form, as it is expected.
You can check the actual application properties values in your running application.
In the CUBA application go to Administration -> JMX Console.
Find ConfigStorage bean in Web module (app.cuba:type=ConfigStorage)
Invoke printAppProperties() method and find cuba.web.loginDialogDefaultUser and cuba.web.loginDialogDefaultPassword properties in the output.

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Work, was a problem of cache browser. Using Chrome, on clear cache you need to go on advanced tab and check password flag to clear.