Disable Fields Validation Upon Page Load

Hi there,

I have 2 enquiry on the pre-build fields validation for cuba UI Components.

List of enquiry:-

  1. I created a simple page with one mandatory Textfield, open entering the page the Textfield border is already in red-color, and I noticed these 2 classes is injected into the class attribute:- v-textfield-error v-required and v-textfield-required.
    Therefore is there any setting for me to bypass/disable the checking upon page load.Fields Upon Page Load Injected Input Error Style

  2. Can I repositioned the Asterisk Symbol (*) for required fields in Form Panel, I’m trying to change the position to be located beside Label instead of the Input Component (Textfield, Datepicker, Lookupfield, etc…) . Refer to the attachment for better understanding.
    Asterisk Symbol Position

Your guide is highly appreciate.

Thank you.

Hello @muhd.faiz90!

  1. If I understand correctly, you want the field to be required, but the styles for the red border of the field are not being applied. You can try replacing using a required field with using a validator:
    <textField id="nameField" caption="Name">
  2. Set captionPosition attribute of Form component to TOP value: