Difficulty in deploying and running simple cuba applications.

I am newbie for the platform. I downloaded Cuba platform application. Build a simple application with just a few entities and basic screens based on the tutorial given on the platform pages. I am getting the following messages in mixed order :

I got an error message that tomcat 8 is needed.
I got a message saying that I should delete deploy/tomcat
And something meaning connection exception…

I tried installed tomcat8 and changed the tomcat folder accordingly. It didn’t work. I deleted the tomcat folder(s). I tried to deploy another tomcat7 instance which was already installed on my laptop. I changed the ports both in Cuba configuration and server.xml files.

I installed intellij plugin and attempted to run the project(s) from idea it didn’t work. I also saw that no artifacts were defined for the projects. I tried to define articats myself but I am not sure about correctness of my definitions.

Recently I downloaded sample application “sales” from this link Jmix Community – Jmix. I tried to run it without making any change in the configuration same things again.

I know that I have a very basic configuration problem (hopefully) which I couldn’t find myself. I checked the tomcat logs many times no useful information. I am very excited about the product. I know that it is something that I have been looking for a long time.
However, I need some help to start and continue to work at this point. I will appreciate any kind of information and guidance that may be beneficial for me.

I attached server.xml file. I may also include other files if you guide me to correct my configuration problems.
Best Regards,

server.xml (6.3K)

I am still struggling the same issues. Can somebody help me to come over my initiation problems so that I may start coding for my project…

Please …

Hi Ferda,

Most probably you have had Tomact installed previously, so it registered a few system variables, which bring a mess. Please follow the instructions from the documentation Installation and Setup - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual. Pay attention to the red-boxed text.