Different Data Stores for entities in the same Project


So I have an application that needs to access a second database. Is it possible to create an entity in cuba that uses the different database as its main data store?

I tried doing that but it not allowing me to get into the application.

Is that possible? Can I have an entity that is part of the project in cuba, but is not part of the main database but is part of another database?


this is possible and even linking between those entities is supported. More information can be found here: Data Stores - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual


Hi Mario,

I have a question about the database schema. My external data-store was created outside of Cuba and does not have the extra attributes that Cuba database schema’s have. e.g ID, create_ts, version, update_ts etc.

Because of that I’m getting this error whenever I try to open the browser screen of the entity I’m using for the external data-store:

MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column ‘ID’ in ‘field list’

I have attached a copy of the error, and also the DDL preview of the external datastore

app.log (245.1 KB)


I hope this helps