Difference between React UI and Generic UI

Do we see any performance changes if we use frontend UI with React rather than Generic UI in CUBA platform. Do we have any statistics where we can compare both the UI. What are the advantages of using React in frontend UI?



First, note that for starting new projects, developers should already use Jmix (https://www.jmix.io/) - a new generation of CUBA.

React UI and Vaadin-based UI are two different technologies. The main difference is - Vaadin stores state of the UI on the server. They both have pros and cons.

React UI advantages:

  • easier to create responsive pages
  • easier styling and customization
  • easy integration of all available components in the React ecosystem.
  • DOM structure of the web page is more lightweight
  • easier to scale the application, starting from tens of thousands of concurrent users

Vaadin-based UI advantages:

  • Much faster development speed, as long as component library suits your needs
  • No frontend stack skills required (React, Typescript, npm, …)
  • Safe security model. If you disabled a button in a Vaadin-based screen, programmatically or via role - it will be safely unavailable for the possible hacker. No need to carefully protect API endpoints.
  • The tooling is more powerful (Studio’s screen designer)

Thanks for your help!