Didn't find custom screen template in new platform

I had been using a few screen templates that I created in the legacy platform Studio to generate new screen with specific design needs. I do not see them in the new Studio after I have converted into the platform version 7.


I also do not see any option to create a new or modify existing templates. Is this something discarded from the new version or it is still in development? This has helped me a lot in RAD.


The feature is not implemented yet. You can watch it here.

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According to the youtrack status, this is now available in the Studio to maintain screen generation template, though not like old version of the Studio where we used to have a GUI to copy display and copy from standard or project template.

Here is how we see this project tree:


As the option is already available, I want to start with Platform V7 specific built-in template so that I can add/override what is needed for the specific project. Can someone please let me know what are the relevant files and location that I should copy to start with the project specific template?


The ticket mentioned above facilitated copy templates for CUBA 6.x screens.

Currently there is no possibility to create own screen templates for CUBA 7 screens. CUBA 7 screens use own parameters and screen templates, so their templates are not compatible.

This possibility will be implemented in the https://youtrack.cuba-platform.com/issue/STUDIO-6709 ticket.
Unfortunately we won’t have time to implement this ticket in the nearest Studio Release 13, so it has been moved to the Release 14.

I would like to echo the importance of this feature or when creating new edit screens, at least let me override the default LookupPickerField for associations to LookupField. After I generate an edit screen, my first action is to convert LookupPickerField to LookupField, which I use in 99% of cases and is wasted effort.

Thanks for sharing your requirements. I have added them to the ticket.
The good news is - we have assigned this ticket to a developer and will start working on it soon.

This has been a very old request and was promised to be released in upcoming version 7.2 if not earlier. Wondering what does this ticket assignment means and target!