Dialog after Login

Hi CUBA team,

The current workflow is Menu after Login.

How do I display a dialog like setting working date after Login and before Menu?

Or even better if there is Login, Dialog 1, Dialog 2, Menu.

In addition, currently, I am overriding halo-ext.scss

  .cuba-login-main-layout {
    background-image: url("branding/front.jpg");
    background-size: cover;

Is this the correct way?

Thanks for helping up.

Hi Adam,

You can show dialog after login from ready() method of your MainWindow. To create MainWindow you can call action “Create main window” from “Screens” section of Studio. Save your extended window. Then you can navigate to the created file by clicking IDE and open Java controller of screen.

Implement opening of your dialog in the ready() hook:

public class ExtAppMainWindow extends AppMainWindow {
    public void ready() {

        // open additional dialogs here
        openWindow("sec$User.browse", WindowManager.OpenType.DIALOG);

The correct way of extending halo is to add CSS selectors into mixin halo-ext:

@import "../halo/halo";

/* Define your theme modifications inside next mixin */
@mixin halo-ext {
  @include halo;

// Add your CSS/SCSS here
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