Development in Cloud

Hi Cuba-Team,

how it looks now?
Are there any information when it will be possible to develop an cuba application in cloud?
Because when I look in “Learn -> Online Demo”, I see the Cuba-Studio Development Screen and assume, that this is an advantage of Cuba to use it instead of other frameworks, if you would support development in cloud, it would be an big advantage.

I am interessted in any information about this topic.




I’m sorry to disappoint you, but we are not going to provide any cloud development tools in the near future. The current Studio version is indeed capable of working remotely, but it lacks very important features for real development: intelligent code completion and refactoring. So we have decided to move Studio completely on IntelliJ IDEA, see our 2018 roadmap.

In our opinion, cloud development sounds cool, but currently provides inferior experience comparing to full-blown desktop IDEs. It’s also very resource-hungry, at least for Java development, you need gigabytes of RAM and multiple cores to build an app in a decent time. It’s not like JavaScript which in the simplest case doesn’t need a compilation at all.

So in the next couple of years we are going to concentrate on making tools that provide the best possible experience and efficiency for real life projects. Perhaps the situation will change over time and we return to this question.