Development CLI 1.0 BETA

Hi everyone,

We’re happy to show you the new platform tool - CUBA CLI!


What’s the use of the cuba-cli ?

In a nutshell, cuba-cli is a command line utility that enables you to easily create projects based on CUBA Platform. Also, it provides the lightweight scaffolding of the main project artifacts: entities, screens, services, etc.

With this tool, you can use CUBA Platform without any additional proprietary tools. Just command line, framework and you.

In addition, it supports custom file templates and plugins. Thus, even if you use CUBA Studio it can be helpful for custom reusable solutions such as screen templates or automation scripts.

This is a BETA version. We will greatly appreciate if you test it and let us know about any issues.

Archives: Web Application Development Tools | Download Jmix Studio

Check Installation and Quick Start Guides for further detail.

We are looking forward to your feedback!



thanks for proving an cli for CUBA. I think this is a huge step forward.

I have a small question: I was able to create a custom template - Custom templates · cuba-platform/cuba-cli Wiki · GitHub however what I would like to do is to adjust the files that are generated when “create-app” is executed. E.g. create a

Is this possible without going all in and writing a plugin or something? I did not found anything in the docs up until now.



For now it is impossible to change template of existing command, but you can create plugin, subscribe to AfterCommandExecutionEvent(ProjectInitCommand) and do all staff there.

We will think about extending existing templates later.

Can I create more than 10 entities with CLI and is there any 5 concurrent user limit for the CLI generated project ?

Thanks in advance for clarification.

is there any 5 concurrent user limit

There is no such runtime limit in the platform based projects, with or without Studio.

Can I create more than 10 entities with CLI

There are no limits at all in CLI, it is OSS product! You can even build it from sources if needed.

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