Desktop application missing screens

I’m currently starting with Cuba-platform. Played around a little bit, created a simple test-application (quite similar to the quickstart).
I have several Generic-UI Screens in the web module (Web Module->*). Now I wanted to have a simple Desktop application with exactly the same behavior.
Created a desktop module, which results in:

  • new desktop module and related message packs (Desktop Module->
  • new desktop module menu --> empty, I added the menu description of web to have the same screens
  • in Web Module(!) I got a new screen (Web Module ->>ext-loginWindow.xml : loginWindow)
  • app-components.xml looks like this for desktop module:

The desktop application itself compiles and is runnable. I can login, but none of my screens is working! It does not know the messages from web module, means labels of menuItems are wrong.

  • must I maintain messages twice? (one for web, one for desktop)?
  • must I duplicate all the screens? (and if, how?) I thought that the generic UI screens can be used from both modules.

Ah, I’m using Cuba Studio Version 6.4.1.

Thank you very much,
Kind regards,

Hi, Martin.

If you create a screen in ‘Web Module’ it will be accessible only to the Web Client. As for the Desktop Client, you should use ‘Desktop Module’ or ‘GUI Module’ (if you choose this option, the screen will be available for both clients).

The main menu of an application is generated separately for the Web Client (in the ‘web-menu.xml’ file) and the Desktop Client (in the ‘desktop-menu.xml’ file).
Additional information is available in the documentation.

’GUI Module’… I created all screens as ‘Web Module’, wasn’t aware of this difference.
Now it’s working perfectly,
Thank you!