Desktop app-webstart xmlbeans-2.6.0.jar can not be loaded

Hello everybody,

I create the desktop module and run the “Deploy desktop WebStart”. The build is successful. Then I restart the application server and open the link "localhost:8080/app-webstart. This works fine and I can download the jnlp file. But when I start it I get the error that the ressource from “http://localhost/app-webstart/lib/xmlbeans-2.6.0.jar” could not be loaded. Is it possible to put it there manually or should I register the dependency somewhere else?


Every help is appreciated.



could you please provide more information about the problem: which version of the Platform and Java do you use, have you set the JAVA_HOME environment parameter.

Also, please check, that you added the app-webstart to the exception site list in the Java Control Panel as follows:

Maybe you could send us a small sample project along with reproduction scenario that demonstrates the issue.