Designer window not showing in CUBA Studio although logged in with subscribed user


I am using CUBA Studio 2019.2 Build #CS-192.7142.134 from May 27th 2020 and am having the problem of not being able to open de designer window for both entities and screens (the wizard windows).

Can anybody help?

Thanks and regards.

Carlos Conti.


  • is there a reason why you can not use the latest version of Studio? just install the newest one and enter the license key, you can still choose the platform version to work with
  • verify the license, go to jmix account management page, login and check the Subscriptions info
  • when you say subscribed user, is it a currently subscribed user, or a user that was subscribed but now is not?
  • in case your subscription has expired, Studio will revert to free mode, which means it will not show the designers you mentioned (I also remember something that it will not open projects with more than 10 entities - in that case, you can either subscribe again or use some Java IDE of choice, with a right to use add-ons that you may have purchased - version of add-on is frozen, no update)
  • if the subscription is current, and you can’t make it work, you need to contact Haulmont support with your problem, I remember sometimes there may be a problem with licensing database and they can fix it

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