Designer for screens not work

I have installed 3 jvm:

[florin@florin-laptop ~]$ archlinux-java status
Available Java environments:
  jdk1.8.0_261 (default)

I try to use Oracle jdk 11 or 1.8 but I got error, see my screen shoot:


How can I fix this?

How did you install the IntelliJ IDEA? The distro downloaded from JetBrains site comes with the built-in JetBrains runtime which contains JCEF library necessary for the CUBA plugin. It should just work, unless you are trying to do something clever, like using builds without JetBrains runtime or switching runtime JDK for IntelliJ IDEA.

Note that this error is about Java runtime used to run IntelliJ IDEA, not JDK used in the project.

Can you present here your idea.log file for investigation? (main menu → Help → Show log in Files)

See also this help page:

Hi Alex,
Thank you for your answer!
You have right the problem was IntelliJ IDEA from Manjaro distribution:


Look at IntelliJ Idea version:

I try to fix using Choose Runtime plugin, but not work.
After that I install IntelliJ from flatpack but this not found java installed on /usr/lib/jvm and after that I installed IntelliJ from snap and with this work great.


Thank you, now Designer work!

I have the same problem,you can’t uninstall IDEA,this is JetBrains Runtime BUG,you choose new version replace it! this all!
Log In - Confluence ,i choose [11.0.10+9-b1341.18] ,Hope to help you!

Thank you for this new solution!