Designer cannot open screen xml file

Nightly Build: v8.0.NIGHTLY-183

Screen gives error message:

Validation error: RootWindow component for 'startProcessButton' must be not null

stack.txt (13.3 KB)

screen.xml (23.6 KB)

Seems like a lot of the screen-designer problems I’m seeing with the new studio are related to screens that use a grid layout somewhere. Is this no longer being supported?

Hi, thank you for reporting the problem. Of course, GridLayout is supported, it is just bad coincidence related to internal rework in Studio Designer.

This seems to have gotten worse in Nightly Build 15

As well as failing to open the window in designer mode, it now erases the contents of the xml file.

Hi, thank you for reporting the problem. This issue will be fixed in the next bug-release.