Deploying Polymer client while the web application is deployed in Jelastic environment

Hi Cuba team,
I have deployed one of my project successfully in Jelastic environment, How I want to deploy my Polymer client (using the same resources) to Jelastic. I looked at the documentation where I found UberJar or some other ways but nothing in Jelastic deployment section for Polymer. Could you please shade some light?

Hi Mortoza,
When a project has Polymer client module it is included to singleWAR which is deployed to Cloud. Polymer UI is available by the “/front” URL (for instance

Unfortunately, at the moment of writing, there is an issue and polymer client does not work if the name of context differs from the project modules prefix. It means if the project module prefix is “app”, the context in Cloud should also have the name “app”.

Thanks Rostislav for the info. When do you target to fix the issue?

The fix for the issue has not been scheduled yet (see the “Milestone” property of the YouTrack issue).