deployConf Gradle task copies web source code into tomcat conf directory

Looking into a build.gradle file I noticed this task definition in the webModule:

    task deployConf(type: Copy) {
        from file('src')
        include "com/company/app/**"
        into "$cuba.tomcat.dir/conf/${modulePrefix}"

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but the conf directory purpose shouldn’t be to store configuration files only?
Because running that deployConf task will result in copying all source files of the web module under the conf directory, and this sounds a bit odd to me…



deployConf is a very special Gradle task. It copies all the sources to conf in order to enable Hot-deploy feature with the platform custom Class Loader. Actually deployConf means not deploy configs but deploy to conf directory.

Well, strange naming but I got it… :wink: thx