Deploy to Heroku - initial DB table creation?

I am trying a deployment to Heroku for the first time and following the steps in the developer manual. Perhaps I missed a step, but I cannot find how the system tables and initial data are loaded in the cloud data store?

I see the create SQL scripts for my entity tables and I can execute those by hand if needed, but what about the system tables?

Asking another way: when you first deploy to a new platform with an empty DB, how do you create all of the tables and the essential data so the application can run?

I am using latest version of Studio and Platform and MySQL for DB.

Thanks for any and all help!


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could you please share the application logs?
Also could you please clarify which kind of deployment do you use (WAR or GitHub)?

Thank you for following up on my question.

I am using the GitHub deployment and the git & build steps seemed to work OK.

Now that I saved the logs and view them in a different format, I can see some errors about creating the chagelog table. I will try to interpret these some more myself and I am hoping you can shed some light on their meaning also.

I will try to attach the logs from opening the app.ajjf-test-logs-1526438810366.txt (38.7 KB)

After reviewing the log I focused on this line:

Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: No database selected

I noticed my heroku-context.xml file did not have the DB name at the end of the URL. Once that was added and re-deployed, it started working. All tables (system and application) are now magically in the database.

Thank you for prompting me to find the answer. If I had not saved and downloaded the heroku logs and viewed them in Notepad++ I would not have seen the clues.

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