Deploy to Google Kubernetes Engine

Has anyone tried to deploy a CUBA application as a docker image on “Google Kubernetes Engine”?

Kubernetes sets up a cluster which I wonder whether a CUBA application supports.

As Google Cloud now supports MySql as well as Postgres - I believe that the database connection should be ok.

Hey Torben,

I have deployed a few instances of the CUBA Order Management Demo via Kubernetes in both Google and Azure Cloud environments. These deployments did involve clusters and everything seemed to deploy and run correctly. I did not setup any fancy rules for the cluster as far as routing or failover but I wouldn’t imagine such rules would have a negative impact.

The connection to the databases, I tested both Postgres and MySQL, worked as expected as well.


I recently wrote an article about Kubernetes and CUBA you might want to check out:




Great article. I have been working on migrating our application to the cloud using Kubernetes on and off for a while now. I have our application up and running in a cluster but we want to add SSL encryption to the mix. I was wondering if you have any experience with setting up a NGINX reverse proxy in front of a CUBA application on Kubernetes?

I have successfully setup the NGINX ingress and got the SSL certificates working however I am running into the Session Time Out issue reported and discussed in this thread: User session log shows local IP in Cloud - #5 от пользователя rabkesov - CUBA.Platform.

As I am pretty new at NGINX especially when configuring through Kubernetes (I am relying on the Helm implementation of NGINX) I am having trouble understanding what configuration I need to add and how to add it to resolve this issue.

I am assuming I need to somehow define the cookie path in the ingress controller but am running into a roadblock as I do not have access to the machine hosting the Ingress (as far as I know anyway) and would want to define such rules in my ingress.yaml file anyway.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Corey Amoruso

Just in case anyone else is running into issues with NGINX reverse proxy and CUBA I found that adding the following annotation to my NGINX Ingress definition took care of my issue. cookie

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