deploy stand alone .exe

Hello, I searched but found no topics that address this issue.

Q. Is it possible to compile a Windows stand-alone .exe within the Cuba Platform?
would I need to use something like WinRun4J or something like Launch4J
"On Windows, you can simply double-click the JAR file to start the application. Installed JRE doesn’t matter, simply works."

I am asking because I have yet to visually view the final application file.

Any suggestions or direction greatly appreciated.


We have plans for implementing so called “uber JAR” deployment. So the application will be assembled in one big JAR file, and user will be able to run it from the command line “java -jar myapp.jar” or just by clicking to the JAR file in Windows explorer.

That’s good news ! Do you have an approx timeframe for implementing this ?

It was planned for release 6.4 in January 2017, but unfortunately it most probably will be shifted until 6.5 in April 2017.