Deploy on Docker via Plesk

I’m new on Docker and on Plesk and expirimenting with both. My VPS has a Docker container that I can approach via Plesk. Some questions about it because I’m struggling with it… (by the way I’ve no Plesk root acces, only as a user. I can set up my own Docker containers).

  1. Am i able to deploy a Cuba application ?
  2. I’m not able to create a docker-compose.yml file in Plesk. I suppose that I’ve to make the mappig in Plesk. Any recommendations ? (Until now I’m not able to get it working)
  3. Should I create a separate container with a database or should I use the database that is available as default in my plesk environment ?
  4. Any body a step by step manual ?
  5. If I try to start the container with my cuba application, i always get the message “Error: {“message”:“No command specified”}”. Am I able to find out more details in Plesk ?

Thank for all relevant info.

Please check our Deployment with Docker guide.