Deploy more than one app in a single tomcat server with different filestorage directory

I had tried deploy 3 apps at the same tomcat server until now everything is ok.
When i try set different folders for upload files i don’t realize how i can do that. My idea is do this
App1 -> c:\app1
App2 -> c:\app2
App3 -> c:\app3
my tomcat is configured like is described in deployment section in WAR deployment to Tomcat Windows Service.
João Gomes

Hi, @jose.miguel

You can specify folder for storing files using cuba.fileStorageDir property. Find out more in the doc.
Each app should have its own value for the property.


Hi Gleb,
Thank for your help.
After your answer i realize I had create a file in app_home folder and this file have a cuba.fileStorageDir indications for a specific folder because of that all apps get the same destination folder.

João Gomes