Deploy configuration to production?

In real word how data configuration (restriction, groups,roles,filter …) are deployed to prod? There is any standard format that can be used to write this config? Like Impex used in SAP commerce (SAP Help Portal)

Hi @anasoid,
Where I work, we will be deploying a few apps in the next weeks, and we are planning to move configurations from development environents to production using Entity Inspector (Administration -> Entity Inspector).

It is possible to export to JSON (in the environments where these configurations where created) and then import from JSON in production.

Another alternative is to export to SQL and include the script as a custom SQL script in the project, or even just execute the script in the production database.



Thanks for your response.
There is any way to commit json file and to be imported automatically with deployment, or should be done manually on all environement (test, QA, Prod)?
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With the admin tools addon there is a ‘auto import’ subsystem which does exactly this: admin-tools-addon/ at master · cuba-platform/admin-tools-addon · GitHub