Deleting and inheritance entities

Hi there.

While trying to find a solution to this problem:

I’ve managed to get stuck on another. I’ve got a structure that I’ve built like this:


which I’ve built using entity inheritance (the JOINED method).

Now if I add Task or an Assignment etc., the corresponding database record is created in Base.

But if I delete a Task or Assignment, the corresponding record in Base is left untouched.

Shouldn’t it be deleted as well?

Okay, I think I found the problem.

Deleting an instance of Assignment (or one of the other subtypes) works, but EclipseLink won’t delete the Base instance because it has relationship with another Base instance (which I need for the Hierarchical datasource). Unfortunately, EclipseLink failed silently, which was a tad annoying.

Right, I think I’ve headed out too far on the bleeding edge here.

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