Delete Task from BProc

I’d like to delete a BProc Task completely, but the only thing I can do is;
bprocTaskService.complete(taskData.getId(), variables);

Is there a possibility to remove a task?


What do you mean by “delete task”?

Remove from existence - delete from database.

another solution would be if i could change the “taskDefinitionKey” to a different value.

Background: The HistoricTaskservice is used in our Process to show the customer Tasks that are already done. When I restart the Process by stopping the instance and restarting a new one, this data is still there, and there would be too many Tasks kompleted.

Take a look at History Cleaning section of Flowable documentation.

It seems that you can remove specific data manually, or configure the process engine to remove old historic instance. If you decide to configure the process engine, then in BProc add-on it may be done as described here.

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