@Delete and @DeleteInverse cascade without softdeleted

Hi, it is possible to use the cascade deletion of entities with @Detele and @DeleteInverse, without having enabled softdeleted ?, from cuba studio I have no option. My entity inherited from BaseUuidEntity and I have creatable, updatable, versioned, hasuuid enabled
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These annotations affect only soft deleted entities, and probably we will keep it as it is. Cascade deletion should be handled on the database level because it is the most effective way. But Studio should generate foreign key constraints according to rules similar to @OnDeleteInverse. Currently you have to edit foreign key definitions manually.

Thank you for raising this problem. I’ve created a YouTrack issue and we’ll try to resolve it in one of the next minor releases.

Hi, any idea when this YouTrack issue is available? STUDIO-3752.
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It should be fixed in version 6.7 which is scheduled for October. See the Milestone field in the issue and the Roadmap.

Thanks konstantin.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: