Define Number of Digits in an BigDecimal data Type

Hi all,
I have another “beginners” - question. I defined a table with (amongst other things) 2 BigDecimal datatypes. I set the number of digits to 6.
No to the problem: When I put in some numbers to the mask-field, for example:
3,6557 on exit focus the field is changed to 3,66. In the database the fieldvalue is
Now the question: Is it possible, to put more than the two digits to the database ?
I did not find some way to set something like an input mask.

Thank you

Hi Martin,

The format and precision of values is controlled by Datatypes.

You can easily change precision for all BigDecimal attributes: go to Project Properties > Available locales and click Show data format strings for your locale. Then enter #,##0.###### for decimalFormat.

If you need to change format for just a few attributes, you have to create a custom datatype. See examples in the docs and in this project.


Hi Konstantin,

works wonderfull. Thank you very much.