Define access group constraints on @MappedSuperclasses


i just recently made an example project that deals with different types of “reference data” ( In the example i have certain base classes for entities (like ReferenceEntity) which are @MappedSuperclasses. I added constraints in the access group definitions, that will e.g. only show entries that are tied to the current tenant. Here’s an example on such a access group constraint

Entity Name: Order
Where Clause: {E}.tenant = :session$tenant

But there are several other Entities that also have the same constraints. Actually it will be all Subclasses of TenantEntity that have this exact constraint.

Here’s my question: Would it be possible to extend the constraint possibility so that i can select the MappedSuperclasss TenantEntity in the constraint editor, so that the constraint will be effect all subclasses as well?

That would be great!


Hi Mario,

I think it makes perfect sense, so we’ll do it.

Hi Konstantin,

thanks, that’s great! Looking forward to it…


:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: